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Göran Sköldberg:

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  • Civilingenjör - Elektro
    (Chalmers, Gothenburg)
  • Civilekonom - Marketing
    (Handels, Gothenburg)
  • Fitness - Personal Trainer, Masseur
    (SS&C, Hawaii; Axelsons, Stockholm)
  • Webprogramming
    (Stockholm University)


  • Broad experience in telecom, defence and civil security
  • Internationell business in/towards Asia, Latin Amerika, Skandinavia, Eastern Europe
  • Broad functional background
    • education/teacher
    • technology development
    • strategy/organisational development
    • marketing/sales/sales management
    • IT (development, programming, use)
  • Extensive negotiation and contract experience
  • Education and experience in Health Management

A complete CV is sent on request.

   Business Dev.
   Organizational Dev.
   Photo services


Tel: +46-733-715 715,
Office: +46-8-639 8609

The business is performed
based from Stockholm and Göteborg/Borås.

Photo: Göran Sköldberg

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