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We help you with pölanning, execution and analysis of internal and/or external questionnaires. We also use the tool as support for e.g. internal analysis and group efficiency work

-Behaviour and driving force analysis
We use behaviour and driving force analysis as basis for e.g. coaching, group efficiency work, sales and negotiation training. Analysis and feedback is also offered as separate activities.nalyser och återmatning erbjuds även som separata aktiviteter

- Customer Relationship Management
We offer help to analyse needs, demands, requirements and to adapt and implement CRM-systems based on efficient open-source systems.


Clarity, Visibility, Engagement

   Business Dev.
   Organizational Dev.


Tel: +46-733-715 715,
Office: +46-8-639 8609

The business is performed
based from Stockholm and Göteborg/Borås.

Photo: Göran Sköldberg

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